Corporate History of American Dedicated Logistics

In February of 2012 Mark Collins, John Correll and Christal Miller had a discussion over pizza over the current state of logistics management in Virginia. The three agreed that too many contract driver management companies did little to offer any real value to their customers, any real security for the contractors and often engaged in shady business practices. Mark had worked in this business for over 20 years both as a contractor, business owner, and general manager with various companies and had acquired a wealth of experience in helping customers optimize their daily delivery program. The group decided that it was a great time to build a company from the ground up focusing on helping customers with a consistent daily delivery need develop a streamlined delivery program and find the right contractors to handle their routes.

Since then we've seen explosive growth in route development on night time supply routes as well as helping to manage daily delivery contracts for several customers. We've added management offices in Philadelphia, PA and Charlotte, NC to go along with our Richmond, VA office. We now have routes stretching from Knoxville, TN to New Jersey and have plans to expand those.

Looking into 2013 we intend to focus on helping customers who currently are utilizing employee drivers to transition those to the contractor model. This will be a great benefit to those small businesses finding ways to deal with the healthcare burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Indeed it has been an exciting beginning but our best days are yet to come!