Cost Analysis

Vehicle Size Chart

1 - Economy Car 2 - Economy P/U, Van, or SUV 3 - Full Size Cargo Van or P/U 4 - 10' to 12' Box Van
5 - 14' box truck or Sprinter 6 - 16'-18' box truck 7 - 24'-26' Box Truck 8 - 48'-54' Tractor and Trailer

What size vehicles do your routes require? (Vehicle Size Chart)

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How much do you pay when you purchase?


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What is the duration of the loan?


How many miles were on your vehicles at purchase?


How many miles per day does your driver drive?


What is the current price you are paying for fuel?

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Daily Estimated Vehicle Cost

Daily Lease Cost Estimated Daily Vehicle Cost
Estimated Daily Fuel Cost Estimated Daily Maintenance Cost
Estimated Daily Vehicle Insurance Estimated Daily Taxes, Inspections, and Registration
Estimated Daily Cleaning and Communications Costs Estimated Daily Total Vehicle Associated Costs

Estimated Employee Costs

Estimated Daily Cost of Wages Estimated Daily Cost of Workers Compensation
Estimated Daily Cost of Unemployment Insurance Estimated Daily Cost of Payroll Tax
Estimated Daily Cost of Benefits Estimated Daily Administrative and Liability Costs
Total Estimated Daily Cost of an Employee  

Daily Rate

Vehicle Size: Miles per Day: Fuel Surcharge Benchmark: Hours per Day: Daily Rate:  


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Vehicle Maintenance

Mileage at Purchase Cost of Vehicle Purchased Loan Amount:
Interest Rate: Loan Period in Years: Monthly Payment:
Total Cost of Vehicle: Estimated Miles per Year: Years of Vehicle Life:
Total Maintenance Cost: Maintenance Cost per Month: Maintenance Cost per Mile:
Vehicle Cost per Month: Vehicle Cost per Mile: Vehicle Size:
Monthly Insurance: Monthly Taxes and Registration Miles per Gallon:

Vehicle Rates

Insurance $100
Taxes + Registration $70
Miles per Gallon 23
Econ P/U, Van, SUV
Insurance $120
Taxes + Registration $77
Miles per Gallon 18
Full Size P/U, Van
Insurance $150
Taxes + Registration $85
Miles per Gallon 15
10'-12' Box Truck
Insurance $170
Taxes + Registration $100
Miles per Gallon 13
14' Box or Sprinter
Insurance $200
Taxes + Registration $115
Miles per Gallon 12
16' - 18' Box
Insurance $225
Taxes + Registration $140
Miles per Gallon 12
24' -26' Box
Insurance $280
Taxes + Registration $180
Miles per Gallon 10
Tractor Trailor
Insurance $400
Taxes + Registration $400
Miles per Gallon 7

Vehicle Results

Vehicle Size Hourly Rate Vehicle Expense/Mile MPG Driver Daily Pay Rate Driver Monthly Pay Daily Rate  Monthly Rate GP
Economy Car $9.50 $0.02
Economy P/U or MiniVan $10.00 $0.03
Full Sized P/U or Van $10.50 $0.04
10' - 12' Box van $11.00 $0.05
14' Box Van or Sprinter $12.00 $0.07
16' Box Truck $13.00 $0.10
24'-26' Box Truck $15.00 $0.20
Big Rig and 48'-53' Dry Van $19.00 $0.30

Employee Cost Analysis

* These rates are based upon our experience with contracting drivers nationally. Specific local rates may differ according to local economic conditions and the cost of contracting drivers locally.