About American Dedicated Logistics

Mission Statement

American Dedicated Logistics seeks to service our customer's distribution requirements by a process of needs analysis, communication, and solution seeking. We will seek to unite premium level contract drivers with each customer to ensure a positive long term relationship.

Principle Statement

At American Dedicated Logistics we feel it is important to be guided by the same principles that guided the formation of this great nation. These principles can be found in the Holy Bible. View our Principles Statement in detail...

Vision Statement

Our vision at American Dedicated Logistics is to build a company where customers needs are met with honesty, where contractors are treated with integrity and where the foundational ideals that built this nation can be on full display.

Market Strategy

Currently the trend throughout the delivery industry is towards outsourcing. Many companies are trying to find ways to circumvent cumbersome government regulations and employment law that make delivery drivers too expensive. These companies still desire to maintain control over their delivery operation. Dedicated services offers them an answer where they can maintain daily control over the movement of their product while avoiding having to hire employees.

Business Model

Ultimately, American Dedicated Logistics is a contract management and logistics support company. We will offer dedicated contract drivers to any industry that has a regular local delivery need. We will back up those drivers with management and logistics support. Our primary task will be to:

  • Identify the customers need.
  • Solve any operational issues.
  • Seek out the right contractors to solve that need and get them under contract so that we can offer their services to our customer.
  • Offer continual operational follow up and support to both the customer and the contractor.