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American Dedicated Logistics!

At your request an American Dedicated Logistics management team member will sit down with you to analyze the real costs associated with your employee drivers and company vehicles. Often we find that many of these hidden costs go unnoticed. This is a free service.

  • Contract Management. American Dedicated Logistics acts as an agent for some of the best contractors in the area. We work with our contractor partners to find the work that they are looking for at the same time we are working with our customers to find just the contractors they need. Once we find that perfect marriage of the contractor to the need, American Dedicated Logistics manages the contract relationship with the individual contractor. This allows the contractors to focus on your deliveries and servicing your customers while you can stay focused on growing your business.

    In addition to working with our own contract partners, we will gladly develop a relationship with your current contractors if you are simply looking for a new management company. We feel we offer better communication, better support for the contractor, and better logistics support for the customer all at a rate that is low by industry standards.

  • Co-op Route Management American Dedicated Logistics is always looking for opportunities to put freight loads together to help customers save costs. This may involve two customers sharing the use of a daily delivery van or it could mean comingled freight being delivered over long distances at night. If you have freight going into a particular area where a dedicated contractor is simply not cost effective, we will work diligently to find freight to partner with yours.

  • Logistics Analysis For our dedicated and co-op customers we will periodically review their delivery operation to look for potential improvements. This could mean route restructuring, finding co-op potential, or even a suggested switch from "hot shot" to routed deliveries or vice versa. This is a free service to current customers.